Together in love and service

Together in love and service

. The reality of all creative and healthy groups is that of serving with a sincere heart, without false virtue, in love with oneself, with all beings and all things; they consist of members who are free from the tyranny of the ego. This would be a womb Together of everlasting values or universal principles, conserved throughout the history of humankind. The importance given to authentic and true values has changed. These values were indispensable to ascend from individuality and from the spirit of tribe to the peak of purity, freedom and happiness. If we are generous in service, there will be a high reward.

The title of this article corresponds with the congress of the 22nd Global Inspiration Conference, which will be celebrated from the 4th to the 11th of July in Tenerife. The expression inspired in me the following reflection.

Joint in unity, the compassionate spirit of the tribe. Everything comes from the One, the Great Prana. We are a multiplicity of fractals coming from the Unity. Everything comes from the One, Origin, Source, Fertile Void; its generating action moves in space-time creating shapes and assembling them in the Net of Indra jewels. The more Its creation moves away from Its Center, the more everything gets saturated of this world’s laws.

Everything created by the One will come back to it. If one dares to dedicate oneself to it, he/she will be free from the chapapote – the negative traits of personality or ontic darkness -, which hides the diamond that everyone is. Therefore, one will come back to the Compassionate One.Everything comes from the Great Origin and everything will go back to It. We live every moment the eager wish to be absorbed and immersed in the Great Ocean of Plenitude.Its unity will remind us of the necessity to join and share, support and help each other, to understand each other, to teach and learn… being compassionate. Siddharta Gautama said that human beings suffer from their dependence on things of this material world. We should be able to see this dependence in order to solve the suffering of human beings, the fundamental core of Buddah’s teachings was COMPASSION. What is compassion? It is ACTS OF LOVE …, that is the essence of compassion. We have been created  by The Great Compassion expands all over the cosmos and towers above punishment. How can we implement acts of love? Taking care of other people, being present during moments of suffering contraction as well as moments of expansions; keeping oneself in a state of “sympathy” with the other, thanks to an immediate and deep understanding, inasmuch as this feeling is more intense and subtle than mere empathy; helping others through altruism, not through false virtue.It is a lovey dedication to every living being, everything of this world and of the other world.If you dedicate yourself wholly, you will find yourself, and by finding yourself you will integrate with yourself, you will merge with the group, and the secret names (such as The Merciful and The Compassionate) will unfold in yourself.

Therefore, the motto is: One for all, all for one; today for you and tomorrow for me. The group is the unifying force where the attributes of protection, knowledge, survival, etc., appear. The system, which governs the world, is not interested in cultivating this garden of the spirit of tribe, the cohesion between its members, the transmission of wisdom, knowing the truth, cultivating individual freedom and the spirit of cooperation for a truly healthy goal and for the common well-being.The toxic virus of the fear of freedom has been instilled in us; on the other hand, they taught us a pseudo-freedom in oppressor-victim or tyrant-slave relationships, in fear and dependence. This hypocritical and subtle programming has intoxicated us so much that the same pathologies exist within us, creating an inner hell, which we project into living beings and things. In part, this destructuring of values has been transmitted to us from generation to generation, through our genealogic tree, the psycho-genealogy.


We are communicating vessels in a constant love interaction with the whole universe  The whole cosmos is assembled in a fine net and all creatures and created things depend on each other. There is you, the creation and the Creator of the Worlds. In this world, which is subject to time and space, we all need each other. The teacher needs the researcher and the researcher needs the master, even though the master’s need is greater than the researcher’s need, inasmuch as the water in the cup of the master’s knowledge needs to be offered, otherwise its content would go bad and intoxicate. A wise sufi, Al Gazzali, said a few centuries ago: “Knowledge without practice is madness”. The essence of Tao is action, implementing recipes, since, only by putting them into practice, we will be able to breathe life without dying in the attempt. If you don’t collect firewood, you won’t warm up. The water of knowledge gushes from the spring; it bursts out and flows even at night. Let’s think about it: How do we communicate with ourselves and how do we relate to other beings and things? Am I a good friend of myself and of others?


A diamond with various bright faces lives in our heartDiamond, worthy jewel, jade, pearl, essence, spirit, soul, the Truth, atman, shin, ruh, ruah, etc., are terms to name this bright spark, which dwells in each of us and transcends the physical death. This light is made in the Great Light’s likeness.Without light, everything is dark, a sea of shadows and lack of differentiation. Our ethical obligation is to uncover the veils of darkness, the negative traits of personality, such as fear, envy, laziness, etc., – the chapapote – that impede us to breathe life. It is favorable to clean the diamond with acts of love and service. The whole existence is an act of love, which reminds us of the Great Lover in every moment.


Among other attributes, the One is the Giver, the Generous, the KeeperWe depend on Him. We go throughout our lives with a bowl, asking for something with the attempt to fill our lacks. We need air, water, food, affection/care, sex, work, home… love, because we were made and conceived by an overflow of love. The Great Prana, with its infinite Breath creates every existing thing with Its numerous breaths, and it does it for pure love.

The Grear Lover is reconfiguring us in each moment with/trough Its/His/Her qualities, as He/She is the Provident,  the Creator of the all-encompassing garden. If the Great Tao is the Giver and the All-Encompassing, then why aren’t we feeling grateful and why aren’t we generous with others? Those who serve will turn into kings and queens. Why? Because by serving without false virtue, altruistically, giving without expecting anything in return, enjoying the service, remembering that Brahma is the Great Mercy, the server gets closer to the qualities of That One who made us of love. Creatures recognize Him as the Doer, the Keeper, the Supporter of everything in existence. Serving with pure intention you will become a prince or princess.

Buddhist compassion means serving the other in good measure, as it is an act of love. Our daily life is a garden of acts of love. Someone said about another person: “You will know Him for his acts”. The thing is to become a great actionist of acts of love. Competing in acts of love, serving with love, for love, through love, from the heart of a sincere lover, which is full of love.


Together in love and service. With all wonders knocking on our gardens’ doors every morning at dawn, how comes we do not feel grateful and we do not serve the others? Together in Love and Service, we can find a love song of acts of love. EnTHusiastic hearts, because enTHusiasm means being in THeus, in the arms of the Beloved, as Rumi – the wise connoisseur of sufi spirituality – and San Juan de la Cruz might say. Therefore, let us love each other and compete in good actions through a noble character, so that those who serve will turn into kings

Carlos Velasco. Psychologist  Author of “The Teachings of the Knight in Rusty Armor” 14th[/fusion_text]

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